Rachel Ember

Marie Sinclair's prose is effortlessly elegant and her characters are easy to fall in love with. The world she creates for her work is rich with detail, vividly painting each scene and illuminating characters' backstories without disrupting the story's flow. I highly recommend this author!

K.M. Neuhold

Winter's Dance is a fantastic friends to lovers story that's sexy, fun, and full of swoony moments!

Nora Phoenix

A steamy college-romance between two lovable men, each with their own quirks and challenges. Sweet, sexy, and heartwarming.

Louisa Masters

Friends and lovers and always there for each other. The connection between Cart and Ry was so beautiful, especially knowing that there are so many factors against them. This is a story that builds love and tension and reminded me of what young love is all about.

Marianna Forrest

A dance between sweet, precious love and fear of coming out tells the fantastic story of Ry and Cart.<br /> Ry comes from a controlling family. Cart isn’t afraid to love who he loves.<br /> When their two worlds meet, passion erupts, and when their two worlds start to meld, their dance truly begins.<br /> A Winter’s Dance is an absolute delight to read, and the story of Ry and Cart is super sweet.<br /> How sweet? Only one way to find out!

Sophia Soames

Beautifully crafted, with a sprinkling of snow, this steamy short will have you wanting more. I loved Ry and Cart, and look forwards to reading more of Marie's beautiful prose!

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Might Delete Later

The morning after the world’s most epically clichéd breakup, Luc finds himself staring into the most gorgeous brown eyes he’s ever seen. Just his luck, they belong to a Neapolitan Mastiff watching him from the back window of a Honda. Luc snaps a picture for his Instagram collection of amazing dog faces then notices the driver of the car staring at him in the rearview mirror. Convinced he’s about to be screamed at or worse, Luc gets the heck out of there and heads for his job as a vet tech at an emergency clinic. He posts the photo at lunch, and, by the time he gets home, he’s got over a thousand likes and a DM from the dog’s owner. Is he about to go from clichéd breakup to best meet cute ever? (7500-word standalone short story)


A Winter's Dance

Ry loves Cart. Cart loves Ry. But neither one is ready to say it. A winter’s walk might help them take the next step.

As seniors at Harvard, they’re looking forward to law school and moving in together. The only problem is Ry’s in the closet because his conservative parents won’t accept him as gay, and Cart isn’t sure about a relationship with someone who won’t even hold his hand in public.

When a snow storm cancels classes, Cart and Ry take a walk and go to a friend’s house for a party, while the words "I love you" dance on their tongues. A secret snow garden, ballroom dancing lessons, the lure of the annual Winter’s Ball, and some steamy winter loving conspire to make this a day they will remember forever.