Brad Kelln

This one has all the right stuff for a great story. Can't wait.

Martin Svolgart

This looks awesome. I love broken heroes. So much potential for awesome characterization.

Michael Rickett

I love a good detective story, especially when it involves a conspiracy. And when a case hangs on just one word, it has to be a page-turner.

Shane Lusher

Excellent book with an interesting character and an interesting character. I enjoyed this refreshing approach to the genre.

A. J. Henry

From the book's opening chapter, you know this is a hard-boiled crime novel. Cal, known on the streets as Rocky, wakes up in a back alley. The description is vivid and confronting. He tries to break Roy from his drug-induced stupor as they have to hit the streets. Cal know that if anyone from his past recognizes him, he would meet a slow and painful death. One question hounds Cal, why did Tommy die of bad drugs when he was an alcoholic?

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