N. Fishfish and K. Matthews are freelance writers and amateur natal astrologers, residing in Ontario, Canada. They have always had a fascination with the mystical and otherworldly. Upon meeting, they discovered this common bond and worked toward the creation of their debut novel. When not writing, they enjoy walking, swimming, reading, and coffee nights with friends.


Teen & Young Adult

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Bloodlines - The League of Twelve

What's your sign? What if your birth sign was more than a cliché blurb in the newspaper? What if, instead, you were fated to inherit supernatural powers and the responsibility of safeguarding otherworldly beings?

Sebastian Shea, a new member of The League of Twelve, has always known he would inherit the Cancer astral key from his father and use it to open a portal to another world. What he doesn’t know is what will be waiting for him when he returns home.

Attacked by Marcus, his father’s identical twin, and left for dead, Sebastian knows his only chance to live long enough to regain his key and take revenge is to make it to the City of Radiance.

Will Sebastian survive to get retribution? Will the other league members rally in time or will Marcus take even more from them?