KP Maxwell grew up watching too many soap operas. She loves writing sexy stories with silly or absurd premises and a touch of magic. Despite all the soap operas, her novels are typically low angst and low drama with happy endings.

KP lives in the Pacific Northwest with several fluffy creatures and an ever-tolerant life partner. She drinks too much coffee and enjoys cooking and gardening. She loves romances of all kinds, but M/M romances hold a special place in her heart.

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Autumn Breeze

KP Maxwell is a masterful writer who writes the kind of characters I adore. They are unique, fun and engaging. In less than ten thousand words, I'm hooked on her writing! <br /> <br /> Hot Coffee & Terrible First Dates was told in Derrick's POV but I absolutely adored Charlie. He was so adorably awkward, with just enough shy to be enduring. I would love to see more of them. <br /> <br /> I'm certainly going to check out the rest of the books set in the Cafe Seuil universe.

Naomi Aoki

I enjoyed reading this adorably cute story about two men who's first date is... disastrous. Derrick is unsure if he wants to date, but agrees to try when a coworker sets him up on a dating app. But when his date spills coffee on him, it could turn him off dating completely and yet, Derrick finds himself intrigued by the nervous, clumsy and blushing man. Maybe this date won't be so disastrous after all. <br /> This story is the perfect when you want something fluffy and low angst.

Rachel Ember

I so enjoyed this tale of a first date between serious, workaholic Derrick and quirky, klutsy Charlie. Even cuter than the two of them shyly getting to know one another are the forms they can shift into. Add in a little snowed-in-together magic and you have the perfect quick read to curl up with.

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Hot Coffee & Terrible First Dates

Derrick’s not really into dating, so when his coworker sets him up on a new app that promises to match him with another shifter, he’s ready to delete the profile and be done with it. He didn’t expect to get matched with the adorable, nerdy guy on the other side of the screen. When curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to meet the man at Café Seuil in Southeast Portland, will hot coffee and the cold, snowy weather make him give up on dating altogether? Or could this be the start of something wonderful?

A sweet 5,500 word M/M paranormal short story set in the same world as KP Maxwell’s Men of Café Seuil novels.


The First Door

A dark alley. A mysterious door. An offer he can't refuse.

Damien Lambert has dropped out of law school. He finds himself running away to Portland, Oregon, after leaving his life in Seattle behind. He has nothing lined up, too much debt to think about, and nothing to look forward to.

After a drunken night out with an old acquaintance, he stumbles upon a mysterious door in a dark alleyway. What does he have to lose? But when he walks through it, he is transported somewhere entirely unexpected...

The First Door is a short, steamy prequel to the Men of Café Seuil M/M paranormal romance series and can be read as a standalone. It features Damien's first night with his "problem" client and his introduction to life at Café Seuil.


Christmas with His Client

If there's one thing that's worse than Christmas, it's being alone on Christmas.

Damien hates Christmas. Christmas is the only day of the year that he can’t keep himself busy with his work as a barista at Café Seuil. And on Christmas Eve, he’s even more irritated to find himself waiting for his favorite nighttime client with no signs of the other man showing.

Since Damien plans on giving up hosting in the new year, he’s more annoyed than he’d like to admit at missing out on one of the last chances to satisfy his favorite client’s desires. As it gets later and later, will this turn out to be the most disappointing Christmas yet? Or the best?

Christmas with His Client is a short, steamy holiday prequel story to the Men of Café Seuil series. It can be read as a standalone.