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R.F. Kristi

Interesting plot!

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Battlefield Z

Zom-poc. The Z War. Zombie Armageddon. No matter what you call it, the Z plague swept the nation and turned the world upside down. Now all that's left are pockets of survivors and the people who prey on them. A Dad trapped in Orlando is desperate to find his children scattered in two different states.

A million zombies between him and his kids.

He's going to need a bigger knife.

It's hard to tell what's worse. The Z or the men they haven't killed yet. Beset by bandits, marauders and the occasional end of the world religious cult, all Dad wants to do is make it to Arkansas and get some answers. He might make it if people quit trying to shoot him, blow him up, or bite him for his brains.

Funny with a heart, this sample introduces you to the adventures in Battlefield Z.


KINETIC - a Shadowboxer file


Lunar Hustle

Grab your copy of the exciting short prequel to THE DIPOLE SERIES and get to know Tinker, the pilot of the NS-17 on an adventure that carries him from a space station to Mars and back again. Full of humor and action packed, you can click to download your book today.


Flyover Zombie - a Battlefield Z series

When the daughter of a powerful man goes missing in a zombie filled wasteland, he sends in a squad of specialists to help her escape alive. But she won't leave without the rest of the survivors she discovered scrounging for survival in a post apocalyptic dystopia. She must learn to work with the soldiers if everyone is going to survive and make it to the safety of the walled off West Coast.

Like Battlestar Galactica with zombies, book 1 in the series


Conscripted - an action thriller

When a young man is following his girlfriend overseas back to her home, a future president and his top adviser recruit him to spy on her cabinet member father. But when rebels kidnap the boy and girl, he's thrust into a new world that will change his soul forever.

Prequel to the seven book SHADOWBOXER Series, an action thriller set about the world's luckiest hitman. Includes links to MISSION ONE, SHADOWBOXER, and DECREED, so if you enjoy the story, you can keep reading.

Conscripted is a stand alone story, but if you like, click the link inside to get the rest of the story, Succor and Render, which shares what happened to Brill after the rebels as a free bonus.



Fans of military science fiction are going to enjoy Phalanx. A rookie soldier is dropped in the middle of hell on the Red Planet fighting a wave of invading aliens in a war he doesn't understand. Grab your copy of PHALANX and keep reading in the Invasion Earth series.


Super Secret Space Mission

When Dawes and Carver are mistaken for super soldiers after a wrong turn down a road that dead ends in a secret military base, they are shot into outer space to save the world from an invading alien race. Two bumblers are the only thing standing between a hostile takeover and the end of the world as we know it. What could go wrong?



DISAVOWED - a Shadowboxer file

Brill is back in action and this time he's on his way to Iran to find out who is threatening Israel with an ICBM.