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G M Sherwin

Absolutely love this cover

Eden Crowne

Now THIS looks exciting! Invisibility hexes, heavenly artifacts, hidden angels and one exhausted private eye with a blank memory! Looks like a great mix of mystery, adventure and supernatural mayhem. Watch out Blackpool!

A. J. Henry

Detective Rita Hobbs lives on the Lancashire coast in the holiday town of Blackpool. A dreary place for a young woman where the last exiting thing to happen was the cast of Dad's Army switching on lights to the Blackpool Tower. In her efforts to get somewhere that's a happening place and join a lively bunch more her age, disaster occurs. She is no longer visible. Worse yet, she discovers Blackpool is more than Pleasure Beach and a few naff carnival rides. It harbors awful secrets, cloak-and-dagger stuff of the unearthly kind.

N.D. Jones

What a great sample. You know a book is good when, after reading a few chapters, you're so invested in the story and the characters you want to devour the rest right away. This is my first time reading David Bussell. It won't, however, be my last.

Nazri Noor

One of my favorite UF series starters. Joe is cut from a different cloth, certainly not your average gritty UF main, but he's hilarious and dopily charming. It's a breath of fresh air.

Melinda Kucsera

Love the title and cover.

Rebecca Janet

very beautiful cover :)

Ellis Logan

Love these books - Bussell never disappoints!

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Sanctified (A Branded Book): Free Sample

The city of London is infested with vampires.
Only one person can stop them from rising up and wreaking havoc.
Too bad she’s a twenty-something goth working a desk job in a lost property office.

Adventure, scares, and fast-paced action collide in this thrilling urban fantasy series. Read Sanctified now for a pulse-pounding vampire slayer story you cannot put down. Take Buffy, add a dash of British snark, and you have Sanctified.


Normalized (Book One)

When Captain Might started writing his journal he was the most powerful man on the planet.

The all-conquering American paragon who knifed the sky like a buttered bullet and fired beams from his eyes so pinpoint deadly they could knock the prick off a Martian. That was before his arch-enemy lured him into a trap, snuffed out his powers and transformed him from a superhero to a superzero.

Now, grounded and struggling to re-define his place in the world as a “normal”, Captain Might documents his return journey to the realm of super-heroics, only this time minus the super.

But will he settle the score with his nemesis, or will he learn the hard way that ordinary men are only capable of ordinary things?

This is book one of the four book Normalized collection.


Bad Soul (The Uncanny Ink Series Book 1)

Unscrupulous and lethal, Erin Banks has everything she needs to be an assassin in a world full of mobsters, monsters, and magic.

She wasn’t born with powers, but thanks to her Uncanny Ink—arcane tattoos that transform her body into a magic-fuelled killing machine—she’s more than a match for anyone dumb enough to stand between her and getting paid.

Fresh out of prison, Erin wastes no time getting back to what she does best: running down wanted men and claiming their bounties.

But when a powerful demon lurking in a black cathedral hires her to round up an errant soul, the creature offers a reward far more valuable than money…

He offers Erin the key to unlocking her tragic past. The key to the mystery surrounding her long-lost brother.



Hexed Detective (A Hexed Detective Book): Free Sample

Detective Rita Hobbes’ life has been mysteriously erased, and her day isn’t about to get any better.

All Rita wants is to abandon dreary Blackpool and start over somewhere new. But when she triggers a magical hex that renders her invisible and traps her in her hometown, escape seems impossible.

Rita soon finds that Blackpool has some hidden secrets: magical artifacts, fashioned in Heaven, a fallen Angel, buried beneath the sea in a glass prison, and living nightmares in fine suits and animal masks that can turn your mind to soup.

Thrust into a world she doesn’t understand, Rita finds herself trying to solve a case that by any sane measure is unsolvable.


Deathday (Spectral Detective Book 0)

When Jake Fletcher is murdered, he decides he isn’t going to take it lying down.

Jake had an okay life before he crossed the wrong person and got killed for it. Now he's stuck between this world and the next, trying to figure out who offed him so he can return the favour.

But just because Jake's a ghost, doesn’t mean he's free from danger. There are powers in this world that can kill even the dead...

Deathday is a short prequel to the Spectral Detective series, exclusive to fans of the Uncanny Kingdom. To get your free copy, and more books besides, visit:


Magic Eater (Dark Lakes Book 1): Free Sample

Joseph Lake doesn’t know who he is or where he came from... and the answer might just be the death of him.

By day, Joseph scrubs toilets and fixes broken light fittings. By night he looks into weird stuff: local hauntings, unexplained disappearances, satanic cabals dancing naked around ancient stone circles.

The usual.

The Uncanny calls to him like a beacon, and he follows its signal wherever it leads, hoping that one day it will shine a light on who he really is.

So far the clues haven't added up to much, but now a mad woman is stalking him, he’s tripping over dead bodies in the street, and he keeps having terrifying apocalyptic visions.

Can Joseph put the pieces together and figure out his identity? And if he does, will he be able to live with who he really is?


Underground Magic (London Coven Book 0)

Join London's guardian, Stella Familiar, on her first job, sixty years ago.

Underground Magic is a short prequel to the London Coven series. To get more free books from the Uncanny Kingdom, sign up at the link below:


Spectral Detective (Spectral Detective Book 1): Free Sample

What happens when an exorcist who spent a lifetime banishing ghosts gets murdered and becomes one?

When Jake Fletcher died, he discovered a horrible truth: the method he was using to send souls to the afterlife wasn’t sending them to a better place…

It was obliterating them.

To atone for his mortal sins, he becomes a spectral detective; a phantom PI who helps restless spirits depart the earthly plane by bringing their killers to justice.

His latest job is no open-and-shut case though. The ghost of a dead woman needs his help to pass on to the other side, but for that to happen, Jake will have to defeat a demon.

Does he have what it takes to send this killer back to Hell, or is another soul about to be lost forever?


Familiar Magic (London Coven Book 1): Free Sample

Stella Familiar was created by the London Coven to protect the city from the monsters that lurk in the shadows. She’s fought against the darkness for decades, but now something new has come to town. Something that’s torn her world apart.

This monster did the impossible: it murdered the three most powerful witches in London, putting the city in peril, and leaving Stella alone for the first time to fight back against a power she doesn’t understand.

An evil beyond anything she can imagine is loose; something with the power to crush her like a bug... and it’s back to finish what it started. Does Stella have what it takes to defeat a threat this powerful, or will the creature of her nightmares snuff out the Coven for good?