A.H. Wang is a contemporary visual artist and author with a deep fascination for ancient history and a passion for adventure. Born in Taiwan and raised in Australia, her travels have taken her across five continents and dozens of countries. Throughout her journey, she became fascinated by the local cultures and the lore of ancient civilisations.

As well as making art and writing, you will find her deeply involved with her meditation practice. In a previous life, she was also a scientist, an engineer, a holistic counsellor and a Reiki Master. She now lives in Taipei, Taiwan with her husband.

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Rebecca Reddell

This sounds like a book I would enjoy reading. I'm adding it to me to-read list!šŸ˜Š

Eugene Lloyd MacRae

A great read and outstanding storytelling. A thriller full of Chinese history, legend and mysticism blended together to keep you in the story.

Jen Finelli

I really love the title, and the fact that this story focuses on East Asian legends, by an East Asian author, with an East Asian main character. We need more of this kind of representation in fiction. I'm downloading.

Faith Nightingale

A wonderful blend of mystery, legends, and history. An amazing read!

RM Hamrick

Downloaded this immediately -- can't wait to enjoy what looks to be a beautiful and exciting book.

L.C. Kincaide

A trek around the world, a mystery and something deadly. Intriguing!

Louise Titchener

An exciting quest to uncover an ancient Chinese secret takes archaeologist Georgia Lee back in time. To lay bare the Imperial Alchemist's startling story she will have to travel most of Asia. The Imperial Alchemist is a book fans of ancient China and modern mystery will enjoy.

Taylor Love

Grabs you from the first sentence! I was impressed by the writing and the story line! Move over Dan Brown! Seriously that is what it reminded me of. I look forward to reading this!

Tantra Bensko

Romantic, elegant, rich with fascinating factual Asian history and that quest at the heart of Gothic literature -- the elixir of immortality -- this novel provides adventure enough to remind us, moment by moment, about how exciting and precarious being alive really is.

Leon Cameron

Cover and opening of this adventure novel take you in right away. Enough twists and turns for a blockbuster movie, this is the fun summer beach read you've been waiting for!

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The Imperial Alchemist


A legend buried for 2000 years. A woman compelled to uncover the truth.

210 BCE, CHINA. The most powerful emperor China has ever known is on the brink of death. In desperation, he sends his most gifted alchemist on a quest for the mythical elixir of life.

His fleet never returnedā€¦

NOW, archaeologist Georgia Lee is compelled to hunt for a mysterious man who may hold the secret to the greatest discovery ever.

Her search takes her from an ancient tomb in China, through traditional Japan, to the blistering Australian outback, and the dizzying heights of verdant mountains in tropical Taiwan. What begins as an investigation into an archaeological riddle turns into something very sinister. Georgia starts to suspect that perhaps she is the one being hunted insteadā€¦